Please to know 48 Children Benefited This Year

InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc. (IPCGF) located in Chance, Portsmouth is a non-profit organization centralized around providing effective educational programs and strategies to children of low socio economic backgrounds which proves to be the most academically deficient in the community of Portsmouth within the ages of 6-15.

Mission: Establish a prosperous future for children who are less fortunate and disabled, by providing them with education, healthcare, nutritional requirements, adequate housing and social skills for lifelong sustainability through the divine Grace of God.

Please Help

Please support our movement in eradicating poverty and providing quality life to children in Need.
Please Support these Children

2014 Scholarship Program

48 children of low socio economic backgrounds benefited this years 5th Annual Back to School Scholarship Program. We SALUTE all who came onboard in this endeavor. THANK YOU.

Snacking/Feeding Program

EVERYDAY: we make it our point of duty to provide needy children in the community with daily snacks for school. Unfortunately, only a handful we are able to cater to whilst many others go without. Please Help.

Judy Sango Documentary Film

MORE THAN ABLE: is what we term Ms. Judy Sango, a so called disabled young girl that strives to become a legal judge in the future despite her current disability and impoverish lifestyle.

2010-Present Scholarship Program

DOING IT WITH YOU: is how a community and generations to come results in prosperity. You have made a significant impact with the seed you have sowed in our children. Thanks.

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