Please to know 48 Children Benefited This Year

Establish a prosperous future for children who are less fortunate and disabled, by providing them with education, healthcare, nutritional requirements, adequate housing and social skills for lifelong sustainability through the divine Grace of God.

InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc. was birthed in 2010 when great attention was paid to the community and its many ills by community development project On sight of all these despair encountered, our team decided to conduct a thorough survey. We went to all the pre and primary schools in the area and went from class to class collecting data from teachers/principals on all the needy children in their class. Over 130 individual names were collected then the journey of visiting each family started from Zicack-Chance-Gutter-Lagoon-Portsmouth Central, Glanvillia and other neighbouring communities such as Bourne Village, Dos-Dane, and Cottage.

We encountered numerous children that were academically deficient, having sometimes one or no meal a day, skip school on lengths due to insufficiencies, unable to pay school fees and very deplorable housing conditions to name a few. This was enough to propel us to start this non-profit orgnisation to meet the many needs of these children facing this level of plight on a daily basis.

Executive Committee:

Mr. Drinnon Nyerere
Founder / President / Programs Developer
Mr. Richard Lewis
Mr. Merril Wallace
Mrs. Bernicia Peter
Ms. Deouna Baron
Treasurer / Scholarship Program Coordinator
Mr. Samuel Williams
Project Supervisor
Ms. Labrisca Wallace
Youth Development Project Coordinator
Ms. Almer Lawrence
Tourism/Hospitality Director

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