Please to know 48 Children Benefited This Year

2014 Annual Scholarship Documentary
48 Students benefited from IP Children of Grace 5th Annual Back to School Scholarship Program.
26 pairs of shoes Bought
10 Pairs of Shoes Donated
26 pieces of uniform Bought
5 Pieces of uniforms Donated
8 School Bags
304 exercice books
38 erasers
50 rulers
20 packs pencils
22 pack sharpeners
30 pack crayons
80 pens
12 glues
Reading books

Special Thanks to Those who donated:
Mrs. Fernanda Nyerere, His Worship Cleave St. Jean, Ms. Maggie Xavier, Mr & Mrs. Parillon - Mini Cash, Marvlyn Valentine (MeeKeeDee's), Ayana & Verona-Lee Alcid, Patricia Ettienne, Jessica Maronie, Ebony Jno. Charles, Judy K L Larocque - RUBIS, Hon. Ian Douglas, Mr. Merril & Lucina Wallace, Leah Wallace, Marlyn Benjamin, Marcel Mills, Mervin Wallace, Nabi Wallace, Adelaide Chambers Paul, Patricia Matthew, Tia Dupuis, Alisha Joseph, Dale Lecointe

Distribution & Collection Assistants
Devon Greenaway, Dwight London, Patrice, Darlon Ettienne

Camera Crew & Assistant
Samuel Williams, Litonya Honore

2013 Annual Scholarship Documentary
IsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation conducted its 4th Annual Back to School Scholarship Program and is pleased to announced that 34 students benefited from us this year.

32 Pieces of uniform were bought
25 pieces of uniform donated
24 pairs of shoes bought
4 pairs of shoes donated
6 school bags donated
4 packs of school books plus stationeries

Special Thanks to:

Possie Vibrations, AMBO Visuals, Memory Lane Disco, (all the artists that performed at the fundraiser event), Wallace Family (Mrs. Lucina & Mr. Merril Wallace), Mini Cash & Parillon Family ( Mr. Clifford and Mrs. Jennifer Parillon) , Avies Ville, MnR, Leah Wallace, Natural Talent, Devon Greenaway (facebook DG TOURS), Patricia Ettienne, Lawrence Ettienne, Chardil Jno. Lewis, Nabi Wallace, Mr. Pierre, Parents of the beneficiaries and ofcourse OUR CHILDREN. THANKS SO MUCH.

2012 Annual Scholarship Documentary
This year, few came onboard our program but we are more than pleased that 36 students received supplies from us and we paid for 32 pairs of brand new shoes. Special thanks goes to Arab Students Association,Jewish Students Association from the Ross University,His Worship Cleave St. Jean (Mayor of Portsmouth),Mrs. Mavlyn Valentine (MeeKeeDee's),Dr. Ordene Edwards,National Bank of Dominica,Mr. Earl Matthew,Mrs. Joyslyn Alexis Joseph,Mr. Darlon Ettienne,Ms. Josephine Duverney,Ms. Jessica Maronie,J. Derouche's Boutique,Mrs. Vidal, and Members of the IPCGF Executive.

2011 Annual Scholarship Documentary
InsidePossie Conducted its Second Annual Back to School Scholarship Program that was a major success compared to last years 1st annual back to school scholarship program. Last year, only 13 needy kids benefited from our program, this year, 46 children benefited. Check documentary video below.

2010 Annual Scholarship Documentary
This year, took on a scholarship program that was geared towards providing 5 needy primary school students school uniform, shoes, stationery and other school gears for the upcoming school year. We added another individual to the cluster making it 6, namely, Adina Andre,Melinda Andre, Shernelle Marcellin, Danelle Esprit, Luciano and Esther Auguiste. These six kids received full uniform, shoes, text books, bags and stationery. Due to the abundance of funds and stationeries gathered, we were able to include seven other students to the sponsorship program, receiving text books, exercise books, tons of stationeries, school bags and even shoes.
God Bless you All for the support

help judy sangoThis is 13 year old Judy Sango from the town of Portsmouth, Dominica, West Indies, disabled and impoverished. Though ridiculed constantly by peers of her disability or her impoverish living condition which she terms "normal", Judy still possesses an uncanny drive to reaching her future goal as a "Legal Judge".

Due to limited supply of oxygen to her brain during birth, Judy developed Asthrogryposis where both her feet are contracted to an acute angle shape. This condition limits her walking ability and causes alot of knee pains also frequent falls to the ground.>

The purpose of this project spearheaded by InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc, which Judy is a long time benefeciary, is to seek medical support to solace her physical disability. "See Video Trailer below for proposed Documentary Film "Judy - More than Able". See more at

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