Please to know 48 Children Benefited This Year

Annual Academic Scholarship Programs
Every year, InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc. embarks on it's "Back to School Academic Scholarship Drive" where we provide children of low socio economic backgrounds within Portsmouth and neighbouring communities with school uniforms, shoes, bags, books, stationaries and other school gears for the upcoming school year. In 2010, 13 children benefited, in 2011, 46 children benefited, in 2012 36 children benefited, In 2013, 34 children benefited and in 2014, 48 Children benefited from our progam.

Nutritional Requirements - Snacking Program
It is very common for children in our community that are needy to go to school on a meager breakfast; at times a glass of herbal tea and barely anything for lunch and or dinner. At such tender age, nutritional value is key for brain development and physical growth amongst other bodily developments.

On September 18, 2012, we kickstarted on a mission to providing nine (9) students in the Chance, Portsmouth area with a decent snack to school. Our goal at this point is to strategize and implement "The Kitchen Program" that will provide our needy children with a healthy breakfast and lunch on a daily basis.

Sporting Rehabilitation
Celena CaseyInsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation recently teamed up with The Aspirers Athletics Athletic Club (A.A.C) which is open to all athletes ten years and above desirous of developing themselves athletically under the motto "Aspiring Towards Higher Heights".
One of our children, tweleve year old Celena Casey and about five feet-eleven in height, expressed her keen interests toward sporting activities. Though new to this type of arena, on her first sporting event with A.A.C , won 2 golds and 1 silver medals at the D.A.A.A Under-13 Girls Pentathlon.

Though this may not be of great meat to the average individual, to Celena, her involvement in sports is a thin line between heaven. Onbehalf of the foundation, I expressed my deepest gratitude towards Coach Nabi Wallace on "SAVING A LIFE" that could simply gone astray if it wasnt for sports and his input. He responded by saying "It is not me, I'm just the instrument used by God to do the things I do" and that I said "AMEN". Thank God. Celena is now awarded the opportunity to compete in the Central American and Caribbean Age Group Championship this year in Curacao on the state's behalf.

Dominica Cultural Dance Expressions
LezmaExpressive art cannot only be defined as recreation, but also a place to bring out who you are deep within. Five of our children are enrolled in the Possie Pan Cultural Group which teaches and train individuals in the Dominican Folklore Dances and Music. We have seen some of our children who were onced very reticent and secluded to now being extremely verbal and sharing of ideas publicly showing a new side we never knew existed.

One thing Leader of the group Mrs. Emelda Aaron do is start off each session in Prayer. Each child is required to pray at every session and be reminded of what they prayed for to exibit it during practice. One child, Tanicka Mills was seen walking up the road being all joyful and perky. I asked her, "what are you so happy about", she continued to smile and responded "Soooo many things" with a sprinkle of spunk. I further asked her to tell me atleast 5 of them. Out of the top five she exclaimed, "I am HAPPY that its Close to Thursday so I can go to Dance Practice".

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