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Grace Academics and Sustainable Skills Center

InsidePossie have identified through data collected from case studies conducted that children who come from low socio economic backgrounds are the ones that are low achieving students academically at both primary and secondary school levels. It was observed from our studies, that some children at the grade four levels are unable to spell their first names. This calls for urgency in needed support for these students academic wellbeing.

We have also identified that the children have absolutely no home support in regards to their education, based on the fact that the parents themselves are academically deficient, thus are unable to assist the children with homework and studies, moreover, providing any financial contributions toward their school projects; (print homework, group projects, internet research). We have identified the problems that these children are faced with on and in turn made it our primary goal to mitigate this situation, by providing special academic and sustainable skills support through the initiation of daily afternoon and night sessions at the Grace Academic and Sustainable Skills Center. This will be facilitated by qualified and effective teachers, using strategies and materials that are necessary in reaching the children academic skills, goals and potential.

The fundamental Parts that make up the Grace Academics and Sustainable Skills Center:
1) Remedial Academic Program – Annual Scholarship Program
2) Multi Purpose Facility – Academics (Afternoon & Night Classes) – Parent Education & Awareness Program
3) Study Room
4) Internet Research and Printing Room
5) “The Kitchen” Feeding Program – Cafeteria Hall
6) Sustainable Skill Certification Facility – Entrepreneurship Studies
7) Visual and Audio Arts Studio

1) a) Remedial Academic Program :

Undergoing thorough studies from surveys conducted by IPCGF on needy and academically deficient students, at the primary and pre school level, where the findings were extremely alarming. Students were unable to construct letters to form a sentence and others were unable to do any bit of reading at such a high grade level.

Below is a sample writing of a 10 year old student in grade two at the Roosevelt Douglas Primary School.

It is frightening that some children at this age are unable to construct letters, read simple sentences at their level or decipher questions asked by a teacher on a test or examination. During our study, teachers were able to share with us that in few classes, more than half of the students are unable to read the questions provided on the exam paper during exams and therefore has to be read out loud to. Our intentions are to give special assistance to such children who suffer from these academic disabilities by injecting them into our one (1) year academic program. This is a program geared at bringing the children up to speed individually; emphasis will be placed on their handwriting, reading. Spelling and understanding, to name a few. This will be done by well trained and certified teachers in remedial academic studies. The program will cater for children at the age range of 6-13 years. The greatest disaster is to promote these children to higher grade levels in the public school system that most likely will eventually drop out of school especially after reaching secondary school, because the workload they will be confronted with has become much more difficult to comprehend. The goal of this program is to rekindle the youth's commitment to learning, and being successful and self motivated in the classroom. At the center, we are establishing a classroom style setting which we will initiate an effective remedial program prepared by Dr. Ordene Edwards of Lamar University (College of Education & Human Development – Department of Professional Pedagogy), Beaumont Texas.

b) Annual Scholarship Program:

Annually, the provision of school uniforms, shoes, bags, stationeries, text and exercise books along with tuition fees are a major burden for most parents and more so a major set back for these children academic success. Children are sent to school with 1 (one) text book and a few sheets of paper or one notebook which are used to do all subjects. During our research, we found out that some children miss more than three (3) months of school, due to lack of having a proper meal and school supplies. Some miss school on intervals because of a shoe that finally gave up because it was used for the past three (3) years to go to church, school and other social outings.

In regards to exercise and text books, members of IPCGF have personally seen how children are affected by the lack there of. Annually however, InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc. conducts its scholarship drive; where we seek donations from the wider community and business companies to grant students in our cluster full scholarships. This scholarship provides the children with school uniforms, bags, shoes, exercise books, text books, stationeries and other school gears fitting for their academic development.

In 2010, thirteen (13) children benefitted from our scholarship program, in 2011, forty-six (46) children and in 2012 thirty-six (36) went back to school in grand style, fully equipped with brand new shoes, uniforms, bag and loads of stationeries. We expect even greater in coming years.

2) Multi-Purpose Facility – Academics (Afternoon & Night Classes) : This multi-purpose facility is envisioned to be a large enough to seat two hundred (200) individuals comfortable. It will be well equipped to accommodate Training Workshops, Conferences, Lectures, Press Presentations, Sustainable Skill Training sessions, 2-3 Academic Program Classes, Movie Theatre, Social Events, Birthday Celebrations, Drama Performances to name a few. This facility will not only assist students academically but also to help bring out and showcase their talents in various fields.

IPCGF highlighted sessions will be on; Behavioral Health, Leadership Development, Community Outreach, Workforce Development and Intervention programs for both needy children and their parent/s. Based on observation made, we saw it fitting to capitalize on having a two day weekly program for these parents, with the goal of educating them on Sustainable Home Improvement Tactics, Employment Gain, Food and Money Management and how to effectively nurture their children within the home and other aspects of their individual lives. It is mandatory, however, that every parent with a child or children within the foundation is subjected to these trainings, in the effort of assisting their children and acknowledging their role as parents as we cannot do this all on our own. These parents are seen also as members of the foundation.

From the survey conducted, we observed that it is common for these children to display lascivious and outlandish verbal language out loud which portrayed to be acceptable by their parents. Therefore, we initiate a proposed Strategic Mentoring Program which will encourage goal setting, self discipline, personal hygiene, academic growth, and skill development; that will indeed improve young person’s sense of hopefulness. All these personal development training is what we set out to implore in both children and parents to totally re-configure their behavior and lifelong outcome.

b) After School Program:

The implementation of the after School Program will provide academic activities to children from the age ranging from 6 – 13 years old. The after school program will be organized in two parts. Children will be able to attend after school from 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. on week days and from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays. The after school programs provides a safe environment for group activities, which are framed within an academic development model with emphasis on academic success, making good choices, and expanding one’s frame of thinking towards life and other set personal goals.

c) Parent Education & Awareness Program:

We will be utilizing the “instead I give you a fish-teach you to fish” method; where each parent/s of children accepted by the foundation is injected in parental programs geared towards their home, children and personal development; in regards to employment and effective nurturing of their children , both in academic and personal growth. Professionals in this field will facilitate these parenting programs and parents would receive certificates of participation on completion of such vast programs.

3) Study Room:

The study hall facility will be able to occupy fifty (50) students between the ages of 9-18 years. This area will be equipped with large desk space with writing pads, pens and pencils, mathematic sets and desk lamp designed in a way of total privacy without any distractions.

Based on our field research, we found out that some of these children struggle to study and do homework at nights; due to lack of electricity at the home. Some children sometimes have to run to sit under a lamp pole to get their school work completed, this as a result affects these children eyes overtime. Also flicker of candle light in home. Other factors which we found out from our study that give rise to the children being unable to study effectively at home are; there are no vital space indoors to study comfortably with everyone in close knit proximity as that of a sardine container surrounded by frequent distractions from all angles. This hinders the children ability to focus on their studies. We at IPCGF firmly believe that giving children this study room where the children will be given sufficient space to complete their homework projects and academic study, thus, effectively spending time in their books. This we see will definitely enhance the children academic performances and management ethics.

4) Internet Research and Printing Room:

As we all know, Children who are needy, hardly get the opportunity to thoroughly browse the internet and print homework material due to lack of monies. From reports from members of IPCGF and some of their personal experiences with some of these children, It was very common these unfortunate children frequently come knocking on the doors of some of us, sent by their parents for $5-$10 dollars to go on the internet to research and print pictures or find information for school projects.

This deeply grieved us, therefore we strive on ensuring that these children are provided with unlimited internet and FREE printing services for all students that are part of this program. Binding, Laminating, Research Assistance, Cover Page Design and Development and work stationeries for projects are amongst some of the services that will also be made available for FREE. The Internet Research and Printing room will also be used to teach computer skills from basic to professional skills in; Microsoft Office Suite Programs; Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint, Website Design and Development, Software Programming, Desktop Repair and Maintenance and effective Internet Marketing Strategies and the likes. 5) A) “The Kitchen” Feeding Program:

“The Kitchen” is a feeding program which provides daily lunches and snacks for children that are members of the foundation.

Based on our research study, the need for provision of food and snacks for the children were top listed for the needs of the children. Try starving yourself from morning till 8:00 pm and tell me how productive your day was? Children from these deprived homes live under these harsh conditions at least 2-4 times per week religiously. So imagine your attention span in a classroom being taught and you are that starved and hungry.

During our survey, we move from class to class, where teachers were able to point out the children who frequently come to school without a snack to eat, or miss days of school because they had no food at home. It was noted that parents preferred to leave their children home when they unable to provide them with a meal to go to school, as they see it best that the children stay home hungry than to be at school hungry.
Children shared with us that on some days they had to source few fruits like guavas or mangoes and drink a lot of water to sustain themselves. Children under these conditions are frequently ridiculed and humiliated by other children at school which totally tarnishes their self esteem, thus, reflecting on their academic performance in school.

On a daily basis, we deal with several of these cases from children within our foundation. One of our most shocking experiences was when a family of four (4), a mother and three young girls was visited by IPCGF .
It was minutes to 11:00 p.m. one evening, where only the children were at home and their mother was nowhere to be found. They only had a decent breakfast and a few fruits which they called lunch. That night, one of the girls grabbed a cup, put some water in there from a can, poured some oil in the oil bottle cover and poured it in her cup of water, drank it quick and went to her bed. That was her night dinner (supper).
Frequently, these children go to bed hungry with only one meal a day, something some of us would not be able to imagine. From our personal experiences and heart breaking confessions from some of the children, we birthed “The Kitchen Feeding Program” which is geared at meeting the nutritional needs of children living under these harsh and inhumane conditions.

Our goal for snack part of this program is to transport the snacking goodies prepared in “The Kitchen” to the preschool and primary schools for the children that are part of our program. As mentioned previously, we have already received commitment form donors Lamar University in Texas amongst other philanthropic groups.

However, this does not stop here, additionally, culinary and pastry creation skills will be taught at this department as a means of getting our children involved in providing for oneself and their family in time to come. Thanks to our devoted supporters.

b) Cafeteria Hall:

This Cafeteria Hall will be set up to accommodate two hundred (200) children. This space will be equipped with tables and chairs for food consumption. During afternoon and night academic sessions as well as lectures and conferences, this area will also seat everyone in partaking in a well balanced nutritional meal after daily classes and other sessions.

Below list departments that will be established on the basement floor of this building project

6) Job Skills Certification Facility – Entrepreneurship Studies:

Providing the children with hands on training along with theory; is an effective way to get them involved in choosing a sustainable skill and a solid appreciation for what they do. This part of the building will be geared towards artifacts and other wood-work livelihoods, such as; furniture development, artistic paintings: oil and charcoal, welding and electronic certification programs and much more. It was never our intention to just train our children in a particular livelihood but to make them certified in that particular field also. Something they can go out on their own to establish their own company in or show forth their certification in such sectors and find gainful employment.

7) Visual and Audio Arts Studio:

Children are becoming more and more enthusiastic about packaging and promoting their talent in the field of audio and video. Because of this rapidly growing interest, we saw it fitting to establishing a recording studio and television production studio for children who are part of our program and those who are not. These children will be able to receive hands on training in audio production for recording songs, beat making and tweaking as well as being able to film documentaries, music videos and movies whilst handling both editing and production.
There gained skills will be expressed first hand in the Multi Media Production Studio (Project #2) whenever we are displaying live video shows, allowing them to have full control and being able manage the entire programming. Additionally, whenever there are weddings, funerals, out door social event, paid video segments, virtual classroom projects and the likes, these same children will be spearheading the project in directing of cameras, video recording and editing for customers. All participants will be given monetary commission for each project they carry out.

8) Transportation:

The need for community outreach, Educational, Historical and fun filled excursion is a huge necessity for these children. From our findings, we discovered that some of these children have never been on a class field trip, went any where further than their homes or had the chance to relish in all this natural beauty on this nature island of the Caribbean. We believe these social outings will instill a love for country in the heart of these children and allow them to fully appreciate the country that they live in apart from their individual home struggles. These trip will also assist students on developing greater background knowledge on the society they live in and also make a valuable contribution to their writing and thinking skills.


A statement of conduct contract will be presented to each selected students with endorsement of their parent/s. Any bridge or contract may result in suspensions and or expulsion from the program, however, these children will not be excluded from our scholarship program and other necessities. These measures are put in place to instill within these children proper working, behavioural ethics and developmental skills.

A thorough character evaluation will be conducted on each child upon being selected to the program. After being selected to be part of the program, these Children will receive an id card that they must always present at the reception area before venturing to any of the distinctive faculties.

Emphasis will be placed on formal greetings and etiquette which is a requirement before accessing any of the facilities and or meeting with faculty members and other children in the program.

Lewd and indecent verbal display, fighting and arguments, loud speaking is totally forbidden at this establishment. As previously mentioned, it is mandatory that all parents of students within the foundation are subjected to participate in academic, intervention and economics programs to name a few on a weekly basis.


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